Handmade Boots in Portugal


Walkest: the early years

It was the year of 2017.

I was 23 and my mother had died from cancer a few months before.
My lost made me rethink about my life choices and what I wanted to do with the time I had left. I learned in the hardest way that time is, indeed, our most precious possession. And I decided I would spend all my time doing what really makes me happy.

My father was a craftsman.
My happiest memories always take me back to my childhood, either discovering Portuguese towns and regions with him or walking in the river side in the Forest with her.

I decided my life project would be a tribute to my parents.
I dropped my University studies – I was attending Genetics and Biotechnology – and went back to my hometown to create what would become Walkest.
For some people it’s a brand. For me, it’s my story, the representation of my happy memories: the crafts and the nature combined.